Meikel  Brandmeyer avatar Meikel Brandmeyer committed a9764f6 Merge

Merge v1.4.2 compat release

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 eed2a4eb6507d171e637161f137f0ddb80b6555a v1.3.0
 7f8b76c580d0ec794b139cfaaa2259dd7018f656 v1.4.0
 d7a5a96c6ef9b4db5a420b952b4c582be229f237 v1.4.1
+f607177c468dc9203ebda58854b654636adfee90 v1.4.2
     dependencies {
         compile gradleApi()
+        // Workaround for milestone4
+        compile fileTree(dir: "${gradle.gradleHomeDir}/lib/plugins", include: '**/*.jar')
         groovy localGroovy()


-    public void execute() {
+    void exec() {
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