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+== AOT Compilation ==
+Clojure can be AOT compiled. In general this not required and in fact
+it can be harmful. AOT compiled code is tied to a certain version of
+Clojure. So you can't mix AOT compiled libraries which were compiled
+with different versions of Clojure.
+Nevertheless, AOT compilation can be quite useful and sometimes even
+necessary. It may happen that your target platform does not allow
+dynamic byte code generation. Then you //have// to AOT compile your
+code. Or you have to use {{{gen-class}}}. Then again you //have// to
+use AOT compilation.
+//clojuresque// normally does not AOT compile your project for the
+above mentioned reasons. However, you can simply tell it, that you
+want AOT compilation and it will happily do so.
+aotCompile = true
 * [[Getting Started]] with //clojuresque//.
 * Using [[Repositories]].
 * Create [[Uberjar]]s.
+* [[AOT Compilation]] comes also out-of-the-box.
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