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+== Getting Started ==
+# Download and install [[|gradle 0.9]].
+The installation path will be henceforth called {{{GRADLE_HOME}}}.
+# Download [[|clojuresque]]. Put the jar in {{{$GRADLE_HOME/lib/plugins}}}.
+# Put you clojure sources in {{{src/main/clojure}}} following the usual path
+conventions for namespace translation.
+# Tell //gradle// that you want to use clojure.
+apply plugin: "clojure"
+repositories {
+    clojureReleasesRepo()
+dependencies {
+    compile "org.clojure:clojure:1.1.0"
+# Build your project – {{{gradle build}}}.
 other languages like Java or Groovy is no problem and sources in a project
 can be mixed without problems.
+=== Further Reading ===
+* The [[|userguide]] is a good source for
+getting started with //gradle// itself.
+* [[Getting Started]] with //clojuresque//.