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Reworked again build.xml to use

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 before it is accessed the code necessary to generate the value is not executed
 at all.
+Normally it should not be necessary to rebuild the jar, but anyway...  To
+build lazy-map create a file "" put a line in that file,
+which specifies the location of your clojure.jar file.
+Then simply (re-)build by invoking ant.
+Put the jar in your classpath and (require) the de.kotka.lazymap namespace.
+Further documentation can be obtained via find-doc and doc in the Repl.
 Meikel Brandmeyer <>,
-Frankfurt am Main, 2008
+Frankfurt am Main, 2009
 	<property name="src" location="src"/>
 	<property name="build" location="classes"/>
 	<property name="lazymap_jar" location="lazymap.jar"/>
-	<property name="clojure.lib" location="${env.CLOJURE_LIB}"/>
+	<property file=""/>
-	<path id="clojurelib">
-		<fileset dir="${clojure.lib}" includes="**/*.jar"/>
-	</path>
-	<target name="init">
+	<target name="init" depends="clean">
 		<mkdir dir="${build}"/>
 		description="Compile Clojure sources.">
 		<java classname="clojure.lang.Compile">
-				<path location="${build}"/>
-				<path location="${src}"/>
-				<path refid="clojurelib"/>
+				<pathelement location="${build}"/>
+				<pathelement location="${src}"/>
+				<pathelement location="${clojure.jar}"/>
-			<sysproperty key="clojure.compile.path"
-				value="${build}"/>
+			<sysproperty key="clojure.compile.path" value="${build}"/>
 			<arg value="de.kotka.lazymap.LazyMapEntry"/>
 			<arg value="de.kotka.lazymap.LazyMapSeq"/>
 			<arg value="de.kotka.lazymap.LazyMap"/>
 	<target name="jar" depends="aot"
 		description="Create jar file.">
 		<jar jarfile="${lazymap_jar}" basedir="${build}">
-			<path location="README.txt"/>
-			<path location="LICENSE.txt"/>
+			<fileset file="README.txt"/>
+			<fileset file="LICENSE.txt"/>
 			<fileset dir="${src}" includes="**/*.clj"/>
 			<fileset dir="${build}" includes="de/kotka/**/*.class"/>
+<!-- vim: set ts=4 : -->