Meikel Brandmeyer  committed 8406c2a

Added small check for LazyMapEntry.getRawValue

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File t/LazyMapEntry.t

   (:require [de.kotka.tap :as tap])
   (:import  (de.kotka.lazymap LazyMapEntry)))
-(tap/plan 4)
+(tap/plan 5)
 (def lme (new LazyMapEntry :foo (delay "Ok")))
 (tap/is? (. lme key) :foo "ditto for key")
 (tap/is? (. lme getValue) "Ok" "getValue returns the Promised value")
 (tap/is? (. lme val) "Ok" "ditto for val")
+(tap/ok? (instance? clojure.lang.Delay (. lme getRawValue))
+         "getRawValue actually returns the delayed value")
 (. java.lang.System exit 0)
 ; vim:ft=clojure: