w01fe avatar w01fe committed 9c26b8c

force becomes deref, to allow futures in place of delays

Signed-off-by: mb@kotka.de

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   (key           [_] k)
   (getKey        [_] k)
-  (val           [_] (force v))
-  (getValue      [_] (force v))
+  (val           [_] (deref v))
+  (getValue      [_] (deref v))
-  (toString      [_] (str \[ (pr-str k) \space (pr-str (force v)) \])))
+  (toString      [_] (str \[ (pr-str k) \space (pr-str (deref v)) \])))
 (defmethod print-method LazyMapEntry
   [this #^java.io.Writer w]
     [this k not-found]
     (if (contains? base k)
-      (-> base (get k) force)
+      (-> base (get k) deref)
   (invoke [this k]           (.valAt this k nil))
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