lazymap / README.markdown

lazymap – take the strictness out of maps


LazyMap is a transparent wrapper around the map types of Clojure. It works similar to lazy-seq for sequences: the value associated with a key via lazy-assoc is not evaluated until it is actually accessed. So if the value is dissoc'd before it is accessed the code necessary to generate the value is not executed at all.


user=> (use 'lazymap.core)
user=> (def m (lazy-hash-map :x (do (println :a) :y)))
user=> (get m :x)
user=> (get m :x)


dependencies { compile 'de.kotka:lazymap:3.0.0' }




:dependencies [[de.kotka/lazymap "3.0.0"]]

Meikel Brandmeyer,<br> Frankfurt am Main, 2011

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