Meikel  Brandmeyer avatar Meikel Brandmeyer committed 8312a6b

Added #_ and #! reader macros to syntax highlighting (Fixes #5)

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 " Vim syntax file
-" Language:	   Clojure
+" Language:    Clojure
 " Maintainer:  Toralf Wittner <>
 "              modified by Meikel Brandmeyer <>
 " URL:
 syn region  clojureCommentSexp                          start="("                                       end=")" transparent contained contains=clojureCommentSexp
 syn region  clojureComment     matchgroup=clojureParen0 start="(comment"rs=s+1 matchgroup=clojureParen0 end=")"                       contains=clojureCommentSexp
+syn region  clojureComment                              start="#!" end="\n"
+syn match   clojureComment "#_"
 syn sync match matchPlace grouphere NONE "^[^ \t]"
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