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 - smart omni completion
 - easy evaluation of code in a buffer
+To activate the interactive interface define the clj_want_gorilla variable
+in your .vimrc: let clj_want_gorilla = 1
 java -cp /path/to/clojure.jar:/path/to/clojure-contrib.jar:/path/to/vimclojure.jar com.martiansoftware.nailgun.NGServer
+There is also a launcher script included in the bin subdirectory based on
+Stephen C. Gilardi's clj-env-dir launcher. Set the environment variable
+CLOJURE_EXT to the name of a directory containing the jars and (possibly
+links to) subdirectories you want in your classpath. Additionally the
+CLASSPATH environment variable will be added to the classpath.
 Put the nailgun client somewhere into your PATH or specify the location in
 your .vimrc.