Yet more windows quoting issues

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Leszek created an issue

The fix to issue #53 actually breaks quoting on windows given some values of 'shell*' in vim. Vim already provides methods of quoting the input string (shellxquote,shellcmdflag, etc.) -- e.g., I use shellcmdflags=/s /c and shellxquote=" as recommended by . You shouldn't be second guessing these settings by adding in your own quotes.

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  1. Leszek reporter

    I should mention that this has become a even bigger problem as of patched vim 7.3.443, as this introduces such quoting as default (and later patches 445 and 446 introduce parenthesised quoting as default).

  2. Meikel Brandmeyer repo owner

    That what is your suggestion here? Do no quoting at all and have the user get his settings correct? And if so what are the correct settings? And what changed exactly between 443 and 446? Do the latter have the correct settings in place?

  3. Leszek reporter

    Good question. I suppose either do nothing at all and instruct the user on what to change in the README (not that user friendly, but hey, it's vim users, they'll cope), or explicitly check if a) windows, b) version < 7.3.433 and c) shellcmdflags and shellxquote are set to default, and if so, add the quotes as before.

    The correct settings for <7.3.445 would be shellcmdflags=/s /c and shellxquote=". 445 and 446 introduce parentheses instead of quotes, due to something to do with escaping characters inside the system call (I didn't look into it in too much detail), but the have to add some other escaping magic (using a new shellxescape setting) to make it work, so those settings won't work for previous vim versions.

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