Clojure version independence

Issue #18 on hold
Meikel Brandmeyer
repo owner created an issue

Make VimClojure as independent as possible as possible from the Clojure version. VimClojure should be independent from the environment used for development.

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  1. Meikel Brandmeyer reporter

    Possible way for this issue:

    • one central nail dispatching on an additional argument into clojure code
      • implemented in Java
      • no gen-class
      • hence no AOT required
      • could use just 1.0 goodness and be portable across Clojure versions
      • REQUIRES easy upgrade-ability depending on the clojure version (eg. different namespace handling etc.)
      • TRADE OFF startup time would be increased, but if this is a problem in a development environment with a server supposed to run over a longer time, one has more pressing problems anyway…
    • additional nail to retrieve Clojure version and branch
    • reorganise syntax highlighting
      • retrieve version info via new nail
      • define different sets of functions to be highlighted
      • can be done incrementally (eg. 1.1 loads also 1.0) unless something was deprecated
      • dynamic highlighting for core? maybe not, should also work offline
    • same has to be done for indenting
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