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brandonw created an issue

I am new to using gradle, so I'm not sure what exactly is wrong and how I fix it.

I run gradle and it says an error occurred on line 1.

A problem occurred evaluating root project 'vimclojure'. Cause: The plugin with the id clojure is not available.

Not sure if you are waiting until right before the next release so that doesn't need to be updated.

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  1. Meikel Brandmeyer repo owner
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    In fact I'm currently reworking the README, because I want to split the installation in a Vim zip and the Clojure side jar. This definitely needs improvement.

    Here the short story until the README is fixed:

    1. Point the environment variable GRADLE_HOME to the installation path of your local gradle.
    2. Download http://clojars.org/repo/clojuresque/clojuresque/1.3.0/clojuresque-1.3.0.jar. (I hope I got the path right)
    3. Puth the clojuresque jar in $GRADLE_HOME/lib.
    4. Edit $GRADLE_HOME/plugin.settings and append a line clojure=clojuresque.ClojurePlugin.

    There you go.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    For people following along at home: step 4 should be $GRADLE_HOME/plugin.properties, not .settings.

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