Indenting doesn't work correctly on toplevel

Issue #3 resolved
Meikel Brandmeyer
repo owner created an issue

Reported by the clojure group by James Reeves:

„Does anyone else suffer from occassional incorrect indentations in VimClojure? It looks like VimClojure is preferring the indentation layer of a previous set of [] over the current set of (). For example:



(defn foo [x] (+ x 1)) }}}

When I hit enter after the second "x", the 1 is indented a long way to the right. It seems to be getting it's indentation level from the argument vector, instead of from the current parentheses.

Here's another example:



(f something-very-long (g x y)) }}}

Is this just me, or does anyone else have this issue?“

James tracked this down to a rebinding on of the w command. VC executes a „normal w“ triggering the bug. The solution for the issue is to use „normal! w“ to avoid triggering eventually defined mappings.

Yokoten: go through the whole script to fix any invokation of a command which might trigger a mapping.

Why did it slip? I was well aware of „normal!“, but I didn't expect anyone to change the binding of w.

Prevent re-occurrence: For the future use only „normal!“ and check also other commands, whether mappings might get triggered.

Thanks to James Reeves for tracking this down!

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