Also display error messages in a ResultBuffer

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Issue #48 resolved
Meikel Brandmeyer repo owner created an issue

Don't use echoerr for errors concerning execution of the nailgun client. Provide the information including stacktrace in a buffer.

Reported by <<user drewr>>:

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  1. Meikel Brandmeyer reporter

    Hmm… This has subtle implications. For example it breaks my blog syntax highlighting helpers. Maybe it is better to provide the error when trying to do access the server? See also ticket #43.

  2. dvogel

    Is it possible to detect whether the output contains a stacktrace? If it is, I would be satisfied with just placing stacktraces in a buffer, in order to retain the new lines and other formatting.

  3. Meikel Brandmeyer reporter

    Allow batch error handling

    Sometimes poping up a new buffer is not really an option. eg. when some script. So still allow for the old behaviour while the new nice one is the default.

    Fixes #48


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