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Issue #53 resolved
Meikel Brandmeyer repo owner created an issue

Windows quoting still does not work. ng client paths with whitespace kill things. This really sucks big time.

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  1. Meikel Brandmeyer reporter
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    Boah! What beep kind of beep beep is this?. Who the beep comes up with such beep?

    Windows and whitespace - the saga continues...

    Here the relevant parts:

        Guess what you need for specifying the option, HelloWorld.wxs, along with its full
        path including spaces.
        cmd /c "c:\program files\Vim\gvim c:\program files\vim\Hello.wxs"<Enter> --Wrong
        cmd /c "c:\program files\Vim\gvim" "c:\program files\vim\Hello.wxs"<Enter> --Wrong
        You should use the double quotation for the whole parameter, and each of the
        file name need to be surrounded by the nested double quotations like:
        cmd /c ""c:\program files\Vim\gvim" "c:\program files\vim\Hello.wxs""<Enter>
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