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Issue #67 resolved

Do not hardcode firefox, but use the user's preferred browser.

Anonymous created an issue

vimclojure#Browser is hardcoded to "firefox" for Linux. This is a Bad Thing™ as it does not honour the user's browser selection and simply fails if firefox is not installed.

The following patch fixes that by using "xdg-open" (http://portland.freedesktop.org/xdg-utils-1.0/xdg-open.html) and is The Right Thing™ to do ;)

{{{ diff --git a/autoload/vimclojure.vim b/autoload/vimclojure.vim index 10f2949..3dc2305 100644 --- a/autoload/vimclojure.vim +++ b/autoload/vimclojure.vim @@ -504,7 +504,7 @@ if !exists("vimclojure#Browser") elseif has("mac") let vimclojure#Browser = "open" else - let vimclojure#Browser = "firefox -new-window" + let vimclojure#Browser = "xdg-open" endif endif }}}

Kind regards

Wolodja Wentland <babilen AT gmail.com>

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