Source/Doc lookup fails when result buffer already open

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Issue #86 resolved
Dave Ray created an issue

I'm using vimclojure as of changeset 340e7b1efe4e.

Here's how I reproduce the bug:

  • Start up nailgun
  • Start up vim and open a clojure file
  • Put the cursor on a word and hit ,lw
  • Do not close the result window
  • Now hit ,sw

The contents (doc of word) of the result window should be replaced with the source of the word, but instead I get an error:

{{{ Vim(call):E118: Too many arguments for function: 377 }}}

or sometimes:

{{{ Error detected while processing function vimclojure#SourceLookup..376..vimclojure#util#WithSavedOption..vimclojure#util#WithSaved..449: line 3: E118: Too many arguments for function: 377 Error detected while processing function vimclojure#SourceLookup..376: line 14: E171: Missing :endif }}}

This only seems to happen if the result buffer is already open with a different kind of result (source vs. doc) showing.

I've stepped through ":debug call vimclojure#SourceLookup("ns")" with the same result, but with the closures and my vimscript ignorance, it's hard to see which function is actually throwing the exception.

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