VimTAP – a TAP implementation for Vim


The Test Anything Protcol is a text based protocol wide spread in the perl world. It allows to decouple the test result generation from the test result analysis. Since TAP is easy to implement one can easily combined different languages in one test suite and have all test report their results in TAP format. In this way a single analysis step can be use to handle all the test results.

And still TAP can be read by a human being if necessary.

This project uses tap4j to integrate the run vim tests into the gradle build system.


Plan 4
Ok (1 == 1) "One is equal to one"
Is (1 + 1) 3 "One + one is three"
Like "Hello, World!" ', ' "String contains a comma"
Todo 1
Ok world_domination "take over the world muharharhar"

This test script generate the following output:

ok 1 - One is equal to one
not ok 2 - One + one is three
# Test 'One + one is three' failed:
# expected: (1 + 1)
# to be:    3
# but got:  2
ok 3 - String contains a comma
not ok 4 # TODO take over the world muharharhar


VimTAP is distributed under the terms of the MIT license.