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kovi...@gmail.com  committed 41fbd60

Changed nnoremap to noremap in normal mode movement mappings (, ), [[, ]]
so that they also work with 'd' and 'c' (g@ commands using 'opfunc').
Also added a note on paredit cheetsheet.

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File doc/paredit.txt

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-*paredit.txt*                   Paredit              Last Change: 29 Dec 2013
+*paredit.txt*                   Paredit              Last Change: 12 Jul 2014
 Paredit Mode for Vim                                  *paredit* *slimv-paredit*
-                               Version 0.9.12
+                               Version 0.9.13
 The paredit.vim plugin performs structured editing of s-expressions used in
 the Lisp, Clojure, Scheme programming languages. It may come as part of Slimv
     di(            Same as da( but does not delete the enclosing parens.
+Davide Taviani made a cheetsheet for Paredit, which can be accessed here:
 PAREDIT OPTIONS                                               *paredit-options*

File plugin/paredit.vim

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 " paredit.vim:
 "               Paredit mode for Slimv
 " Version:      0.9.13
-" Last Change:  05 May 2014
+" Last Change:  12 Jul 2014
 " Maintainer:   Tamas Kovacs <kovisoft at gmail dot com>
 " License:      This file is placed in the public domain.
 "               No warranty, express or implied.
         inoremap <buffer> <expr>   <BS>         PareditBackspace(0)
         inoremap <buffer> <expr>   <Del>        PareditDel()
         if &ft =~ '.*\(clojure\|scheme\|racket\).*' && g:paredit_smartjump
-            nnoremap <buffer> <silent> (            :<C-U>call PareditSmartJumpOpening(0)<CR>
-            nnoremap <buffer> <silent> )            :<C-U>call PareditSmartJumpClosing(0)<CR>
+            noremap  <buffer> <silent> (            :<C-U>call PareditSmartJumpOpening(0)<CR>
+            noremap  <buffer> <silent> )            :<C-U>call PareditSmartJumpClosing(0)<CR>
             vnoremap <buffer> <silent> (            <Esc>:<C-U>call PareditSmartJumpOpening(1)<CR>
             vnoremap <buffer> <silent> )            <Esc>:<C-U>call PareditSmartJumpClosing(1)<CR>
-            nnoremap <buffer> <silent> (            :<C-U>call PareditFindOpening('(',')',0)<CR>
-            nnoremap <buffer> <silent> )            :<C-U>call PareditFindClosing('(',')',0)<CR>
+            noremap  <buffer> <silent> (            :<C-U>call PareditFindOpening('(',')',0)<CR>
+            noremap  <buffer> <silent> )            :<C-U>call PareditFindClosing('(',')',0)<CR>
             vnoremap <buffer> <silent> (            <Esc>:<C-U>call PareditFindOpening('(',')',1)<CR>
             vnoremap <buffer> <silent> )            <Esc>:<C-U>call PareditFindClosing('(',')',1)<CR>
-        nnoremap <buffer> <silent> [[           :<C-U>call PareditFindDefunBck()<CR>
-        nnoremap <buffer> <silent> ]]           :<C-U>call PareditFindDefunFwd()<CR>
+        noremap  <buffer> <silent> [[           :<C-U>call PareditFindDefunBck()<CR>
+        noremap  <buffer> <silent> ]]           :<C-U>call PareditFindDefunFwd()<CR>
         call RepeatableNNoRemap('x', ':<C-U>call PareditEraseFwd()')
         nnoremap <buffer> <silent> <Del>        :<C-U>call PareditEraseFwd()<CR>