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-*slimv.txt*                    Slimv                 Last Change: 17 Feb 2009
+*slimv.txt*                    Slimv                 Last Change: 21 Feb 2009
 Slimv                                                                  *slimv*
-                               Version 0.1.3
+                               Version 0.1.4
 The Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Vim.
 This plugin is aimed to help Lisp development by interfacing between Vim and
 All you need to know then is the list of possible Slimv commands, how to
 enter them and under what conditions.
+It is possible to interrupt a running Lisp program by pressing Ctrl+C,
+at least in some Lisp implementations, like CLISP (does not work for example
+with SBCL).
+To end the Lisp session press EOF (Ctrl+D on Linux, Ctrl+Z on Windows)
+in the Lisp REPL window. After exiting the REPL it is possible to open
+a new one from Vim the same way as before.
 FAQ                                                                 *slimv-faq*
 CHANGE LOG                                                    *slimv-changelog*
+0.1.4  - Corrected the delayed display of last line in REPL window on Linux.
+       - Ctrl+C is propagated to Lisp REPL, so it is possible to interrupt
+         a running program. Does not work however with some Lisp
+         implementations (like SBCL).
 0.1.3  - Handle DOS and Unix style newlines produced by various
          Lisp implementations on Windows.
        - Do not write debug logfile when debug level is zero.