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Updated mappings in documentation, added quickfix info, added more 0.8.4 release notes

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 Edit commands:
     *  Close Form
     *  Complete Symbol
+    *  Function Arglist
     *  Paredit Toggle
 Evaluation commands:
     *  Untrace All
     *  Disassemble
     *  Inspect
+    *  Abort
+    *  Quit to Toplevel
+    *  Continue
 Compile commands:
     *  Compile Defun
 Profile commands:
     *  Toggle Profile
-    *  Profile By Substring
+    *  Profile by Substring
     *  Unprofile All
     *  Show Profiled
     *  Profile Report
 Script versions
+0.8.4: Added handling for Unicode characters, truncate arglist output to fit in the status line, added debugger keybindings: ,a for abort ,q for quit ,n for continue, changed keybinding for apropos to ,A, added compiler error messages to quickfix list, map insert mode <Space> and <Tab> only for lisp (and dialects) buffers, bugfixes: wait for the response to :create-repl before calling :swank-require (thanks to Philipp Marek), indentation problems with unbalanced parens in comment, arglist ate the <Space> when virtualedit was off.
 0.8.3: Added top/bottom/left/right directions to g:slimv_repl_split, added :Lisp (and an equivalent :Eval) command with completion, added g:slimv_leader and g:paredit_leader options, added g:slimv_echolines to echo only the first few lines of the form being evaluated, added fuzzy completion and option g:slimv_simple_compl (by Philipp Marek), indent macros with &body argument by two spaces when connected to swank (thanks to Philipp Marek and Andreas Fredriksson), special indentation for flet, labels and macrolet, default for Set-Package is current package (thanks to Philipp Marek), bugfixes: REPL output ordering problems, problem with inserting Space into visual block, blinking when g:slimv_repl_syntax is on, entering incomplete form in REPL command line, close form when inside comment, string, or with mixed ([. 
 0.8.2: Added Paredit and g:lisp_rainbow support for Scheme files, added SWANK support for MIT Scheme on Linux, added frame call information to SLDB (thanks to Philipp Marek), check for unbalanced form before evaluation, reconnect SWANK server in Connect-Server if already connected (thanks to Philipp Marek), select current form instead of top level form in Macroexpand, bugfixes: Paredit handling of escaped matched characters (e.g. \"), cursor positioning problems when debugger activated, print prompt after Describe.

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-*slimv.txt*                    Slimv                 Last Change: 09 Jun 2011
+*slimv.txt*                    Slimv                 Last Change: 16 Jun 2011
 Slimv                                                                  *slimv*
                                Version 0.8.4
     ,,      ,,       Slimv Menu
-    Edit commands:
-    <C-X>0           Close-Form (Insert mode)
-    <C-X><C-O>       Complete-Symbol (Insert mode)
+    Edit commands (Insert mode):
+    <C-X>0           Close Form
+    <Tab>            Complete Symbol
+    <Space>          Function Arglist (only when using SWANK client)
+    Edit commands (Normal mode):
+    ,)      ,tc      Close Form
     ,(      ,(t      Paredit Toggle
     Evaluation commands:
     ,d      ,ed      Eval Defun (current top level form)
     ,e      ,ee      Eval Current Expression (current subform)
-    ,E      ,ep      Pprint Eval Current Expression
     ,r      ,er      Eval Region (visual selection)
     ,b      ,eb      Eval Buffer
     ,v      ,ei      Interactive Eval
     Debug commands:
     ,1      ,m1      Macroexpand-1
     ,m      ,ma      Macroexpand All
-    ,t      ,dt      Trace
-    ,T      ,du      Untrace
+    ,t      ,dt      Toggle Trace
+    ,T      ,du      Untrace All
     ,l      ,dd      Disassemble
     ,i      ,di      Inspect
+    ,a      ,da      Abort (only when using SWANK client)
+    ,q      ,dq      Quit to Toplevel (only when using SWANK client)
+    ,n      ,dc      Continue (only when using SWANK client)
     Compile commands:
     ,D      ,cd      Compile Defun
     ,F      ,cf      Compile File
     ,R      ,cr      Compile Region
+    Cross Reference commands (only when using SWANK client):
+    ,xc     ,xc      Who Calls
+    ,xr     ,xr      Who References
+    ,xs     ,xs      Who Sets
+    ,xb     ,xb      Who Binds
+    ,xm     ,xm      Who Macroexpands
+    ,xp     ,xp      Who Specializes
+    ,xl     ,xl      List Callers
+    ,xe     ,xe      List Callees
     Profile commands:
-    ,O      ,pl      Load Profiler
-    ,p      ,pp      Profile
-    ,P      ,pu      Unprofile
+    ,p      ,pp      Toggle Profile
+    ,B      ,pb      Profile by Substring
     ,U      ,pa      Unprofile All
     ,?      ,ps      Show Profiled
     ,o      ,pr      Profile Report
     Documentation commands:
     ,s      ,ds      Describe Symbol
-    ,a      ,da      Apropos
+    ,A      ,da      Apropos
     ,h      ,dh      Hyperspec
     ,]      ,dt      Generate Tags

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-*swank.txt*                    Slimv                 Last Change: 17 May 2011
+*swank.txt*                    Slimv                 Last Change: 16 Jun 2011
 SWANK client for Slimv                                    *swank* *slimv-swank*
                                Version 0.8.3
 |swank-trace|                Trace function
 |swank-profile|              Profiler
 |swank-xref|                 Cross Reference
+|swank-quickfix|             Compiler errors in quickfix list
 EVALUATION                                                         *swank-eval*
   If you press Enter in normal mode on a restart line then the given restart
   is invoked.
+  The most frequently used restarts have the following shortcuts defined:
+    ,a      Abort
+    ,q      Quit To Toplevel
+    ,n      Continue
 FUNCTION ARGUMENT LIST                                          *swank-arglist*
-  When entering an s-expressin in insert mode, each time a space is pressed
+  When entering an s-expression in insert mode, each time a space is pressed
   after a non-whitespace character, then SWANK is requested for the function
   argument list for the current function. If the function is known by SWANK
-  then the function prototype is displayed in the status line.
+  then the function prototype is displayed in the status line. The arglist is
+  condensed in order to fit the status line, so for functions with many
+  arguments the whole definition may not be visible. In this case use the
+  Describe function for displaying the full function definition.
   Note: the function argument list is not displayed when Slimv is not
   connected to the SWANK server.
   Please note that not all Lisp implementations support the xref functionality.
+QUICKFIX                                                       *swank-quickfix*
+  The compiler error messages are fed into Vim's quickfix list, as well as
+  printed in the REPL buffer. Enter the :cw command to open the quickfix window.
+  Use :cn and :cp to jump to the next and previous error location, use :cr to
+  rewind to the first error.
+  Consult |quickfix| for details on using the quickfix functionality.
 FUNCTIONS                                                     *swank-functions*