Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Added options g:slimv_unmap_cr, g:slimv_unmap_tab, g:slimv_unmap_space
Delete contents into the black hole register when exiting the Inspect/Threads/Sldb buffer
Tamas Kovacs
Merge pull request #22 from chiku-samugari/bugfix
[Bugfix] Null character should not be inserted from Python side.
Tamas Kovacs
Merge pull request #18 from bclube/patch-1
Brian Lubeski
Add support for alternate backspace keybinding.
Paredit: unescaped square brackets in balance detection
Paredit: enhanced detection of forms balanced state
Slime connection output buffer moved to swank/gray
Paredit: use <Leader> instead of mapleader (by Junegunn Choi)
Paredit: added support for hy (by Philip Xu)
Tamas Kovacs
Merge pull request #14 from dusenberrymw/master
Mike Dusenberry
Added Slimv-specific code back to swank-mit-scheme.scm: load options, restart swank server. Fixed "unbound variable: o" error on file load in mit-scheme REPL.
Updated bundled Slime to version 2.10.1 (2014-10-10)
In latest swank version create-repl and listener-eval are moved from package swank to swank-repl
Fix for paredit 'x' and 'X' when clipboard=unnamed
Tamas Kovacs
Merge pull request #10 from chiku-samugari/bugfix
[Bugfix] 2 keymaps assumed g:paredit_leader is identical to ','.
R language related fixes - by Philipp Marek
Changed nnoremap to noremap in normal mode movement mappings (, ), [[, ]]
Added Clozure CL specific code to read environment variable SWANK_PORT
Paredit: fix possible cursor move problem caused by &indentexpr when using the c operator
Paredit: always leave cursor to opening char's pos after wrapping selection.
Reindent current form after ,< and ,>
Raising s-expressions now support [] and {}
Removed "b:" prefix from function names because latest vim version does not
Save and restore marks ` and ' in the source buffer while updating REPL
Fix for pressing Enter on a filename in SLDB when the filename is not enclosed
Tamas Kovacs
Merge pull request #5 from elmart/master
Eliseo Martínez
Fix #4: Scheme builtin swank not launching.
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