Tamas Kovacs  committed f124927

<C-O> does not work when 'I' pressed in visual block mode, use <C-R>= instead

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File ftplugin/slimv.vim

 " slimv.vim:    The Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for VIM
 " Version:      0.9.9
-" Last Change:  25 Aug 2012
+" Last Change:  05 Sep 2012
 " Maintainer:   Tamas Kovacs <kovisoft at gmail dot com>
 " License:      This file is placed in the public domain.
 "               No warranty, express or implied.
         let &virtualedit=save_ve
+    " This function is also called from <C-R>= mappings, must return empty string
+    return ''
 " Start and connect swank server
 " Initialize buffer by adding buffer specific mappings
 function! SlimvInitBuffer()
     " Map space to display function argument list in status line
-    inoremap <silent> <buffer> <Space>    <Space><C-O>:call SlimvArglist(line('.'),col('.')-1)<CR>
+    inoremap <silent> <buffer> <Space>    <Space><C-R>=SlimvArglist(line('.'),col('.')-1)<CR>
     inoremap <silent> <buffer> <CR>       <C-R>=pumvisible() ?  "\<lt>CR>" : SlimvHandleEnter()<CR><C-O>:call SlimvArglistOnEnter()<CR>
     "noremap  <silent> <buffer> <C-C>      :call SlimvInterrupt()<CR>
     if !exists( 'b:au_insertleave_set' )