#5 Declined
sjl sjl
kovisoft kovisoft

Fix the Clear REPL keybinding in mode 2.

  1. Steve Losh avatarSteve Losh

The documentation says ,- is the binding in mode 1, and ,rc is the binding in mode 2, but SLIMV was using ,- in both. Probably a copy/paste mistake?

Comments (4)

  1. Tamas Kovacs repo owner

    Yes, sorry if I was not clear. The documentation is wrong, there are two commands assigned to ,rc there. I think the documentation must be fixed.

  2. Steve Losh author

    The ,rc here is mapped locally to the REPL, so it only shadows it if you're already in the REPL (in which case, why would you want to connect again). But if it's better to use ,- in both modes that works too I guess, as long as the docs are updated.

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