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-![Boilerplate]( client side.
-Backbone Boilerplate
+Uses Backbone boilerplate (which uses backbone & html5 boilerplate)
+Project make use of grunt & bbb.
-This boilerplate is the product of much research and frustration.  Existing
-boilerplates freely modify Backbone core, lack a build process, and are very
-prescriptive; Backbone Boilerplate changes that.
-Organize your application in a logical filesystem, develop your
-Models/Collections/Views/Routers inside modules, and build knowing you have
-efficient code that will not bottleneck your users.
-Thanks to our
-Special Thanks to: [cowboy](,
-[iros](, [nimbupani](,
-[wookiehangover](, and
-[jugglinmike]( for helping me create this project.
-Extra Special Thanks to: [Paul Guinan](
-for giving me usage rights to his fantastic Boilerplate character.
-## Documentation ##
-View the Backbone Boilerplate documentation here:
-[GitHub Wiki](
-## Build process ##
-To use the new and improved build process, please visit the 
-plugin repo and follow the instructions to install.  Basing your project off
-this repo will allow the `bbb` commands to work out-of-the-box.
+view blog post at for some history