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 This is an desktop application to interact with EuroCV.
+Project is made dependent on pyeurocv project, which is created to serve as a python wrapper around webservices.
 Project Structure
-model: 	will contain OOP bindings for EuroCV webservice. 
-view: 	will contain gui code.
-	here we are trying to create gui in jfc/swing, wxWindows & gtk+
-	we can decide on which one to choose later.
-	one needs jvm to run, (we'll be using jython)
-	other two need particular libraries to be installed.
-controller: will contain logic for various purposes, like filtering, sorting etc., 
-	of data returned from EuroCV webservices.
+Since, all we need is to call appropriate api from pyeurocv sdk, only thing to take care here is GUI and the interaction logic.
+gui code will stay within gui folder, with the reference Java code kept along with our Jython implementation. 
+gui->locals will contain localization property files for the project. we can add localization to the project later, independent of programming.
+actions folder will contain the logic needed for gui events.