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Remove unused parameter

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     struct PyPyAPI* pypyAPI = &_pypyAPI;
     """ % dict(members=structmembers)
-    functions = generate_decls_and_callbacks(db, export_symbols)
+    functions = generate_decls_and_callbacks(db)
     global_objects = []
     for obj in GLOBALS.values():
     pypy_macros_h = udir.join('pypy_macros.h')
-def generate_decls_and_callbacks(db, export_symbols, api_struct=True):
+def generate_decls_and_callbacks(db, api_struct=True):
     # implement function callbacks and generate function decls
     functions = []
     generate_macros(export_symbols, rename=False)
-    functions = generate_decls_and_callbacks(db, [], api_struct=False)
+    functions = generate_decls_and_callbacks(db, api_struct=False)
     code = "#include <Python.h>\n" + "\n".join(functions)
     eci = build_eci(False, export_symbols, code)
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