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This plugin is licensed under the LGPL license version 3 

copy right :  Arun.K.R <the1.arun@gmail.com>

= Star rating widget =

**NB: plugin_wiki patch available **

// There's a **plugin wiki patch** included. so if you are already using plugin_wiki you are at home again. I send the patch a few weeks ago. Don't know already incorporated in plugin_wiki; if not here it is.//

I took [[http://www.web2py.com/plugins/default/rating/ | this]] rating plug-in and modified little bit. 
This plug-in uses jQuery extension and I'm aware that there is a better [[http://orkans\-tmp.22web.net/star_rating/ | star rating] jQuery plug-in. I've plan to port this plugin to use that js library. 

But for less complex things, this plugin will suffice. dependency is so small. (other one need jQuery-ui too & I prefer to make my client to download as less content as needed.)

== Syntax ==

  #or to use split stars
  {{=plugin_rating('shout',1, True)}}

If Table shout has a field called 'rating' average rating will be updated there too.
If it's not there, it'll work as before.

== I got a few new features! ==

1. Error fixes

2. It uses same syntax as original plug-in (so home back again)
3. support to include more than one rating widget per page.

4. If the parent table for which we are using rating has a field called 'rate' of type dobule, then average rating will be added to that field too.
    It'll be handy, if we have to run complex queries on that table involving rating. So, this make less db calls.
    Also, this degrades gracefully, if there's no 'rating' field in the table without making any noise. 

5. Added support to display rating widget for same record more than once in a page.

6. Split stars is supported now. 

**To download the plug-in,** please visit [[https://bitbucket.org/kra3/rating-plugin-for-web2py/downloads/ |**download**"]]

Looking forward to here your comments and possible features that can be added. 
(I know, it doesn't support callback functions now, may be I release another one that uses star rating jq plugin for that to make this one simple and lean)