Copyright (c) 2012, Anoop Thomas Mathew<atmb4u@gmail.com>
Released under BSD License

Sentience - Pomodoro Notifier for gtk dbus enabled desktop environments.
Best suited for awesome and gnome. KDE not tested.


1. Notifies battery info when plugged/unplugged/too low.
2. Reminds every 15 miuntes( can be configured via settings) to keep track of time and to take a break.
3. Provides another notification every 5 minutes (can be configured) to remind on the end of break time.
4. Gives random 'Did you know' from wikipedia for every break.

Installation and Running
 - Install requirements.pip
 - Set time values you want in the settings.py
 - run 'python notifier.py'
 - Get notified !!!
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