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keymap: Tolerate invalid entries in keymaps

Some keymaps apply to a large range of computer models, not all of which have
all of the scan codes in the maps. If a single scan code is invalid, do not
abort but continue with the next entry in the map. Instead just show the error
message for that particular scan code, to help with debugging.

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                 if (e && errno == EINVAL) {
                         return -2;
                 } else {
-                        fprintf(stderr, "EVIOCGKEYCODE: %m\n");
+                        fprintf(stderr, "EVIOCGKEYCODE for scan code 0x%x: %m\n", scancode);
                         return -1;
                 if ((old_keycode = evdev_get_keycode(fd, scancode, 0)) < 0) {
                         r = -1;
-                        goto fail;
+                        continue;
                 if (evdev_set_keycode(fd, scancode, new_keycode) < 0) {
                         r = -1;
-                        goto fail;
+                        continue;
                 if (new_keycode != old_keycode)
                         fprintf(stderr, "Remapped scancode 0x%02x to 0x%02x (prior: 0x%02x)\n",
                                 scancode, new_keycode, old_keycode);
         return r;
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