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Some Facts

  • This is repository of VisualLingua web site's source code.
  • It's written in python using web2py (a full-stack web framework) Version 1.91.6 (2011-01-04 15:55:30)
  • Since this project is almost completely driven by Ajax calls a reasonably good knowledge of JavaScript (and jQuery in particular) is expected to not break the web site.
  • Project is hosted on Google App Engine (python jdk of course) and utilizes BigTable architecture (master-slave)
  • Knowledge of CSS will be handy if you like to customize user interface or to patch some quirks you may find (unexpectedly)

PS: I encountered problems with gae deployment and lost 2-3 days of time wondering and wandering on forums and logs. :-) (ie., they work smoothly on Rocket server comes with web2py and with comes with gae-python-sdk not on actual gae infrastructure. So I recommend to test everything on cloud before confirming that it actually work.)

Licensing Details

Posting Changes to Lighthouse

Project's LightHouse page

Now you can easily associate your commits to tickets at Lighthouse, using a special syntax in your commit messages. Here are some examples.

Let's say you have a ticket at lighthouse regarding a login problem and this ticket has ID '22'. When you commit changes regarding this ticket, you may use:

$ hg ci -m "Commit regarding that login problem. [#22]"

This will post this commit as a changeset inside your ticket #22. Let's say you have resolved that ticket:

$ hg ci -m "Login problem resolved. [#22 state:resolved]"

This will automatically change the state of that ticket at Lighthouse. You can chain many options in your commit, like this:

[#22 state:hold responsible:paul milestone:'My Milestone Name' tagged:nonspacedtag tagged:'a spaced tag' tagged:'multiple tags']

Summary of the options available:

  1. state: Changes the ticket state. [#22 state:resolved]
  2. responsible: Changes the responsible person for this ticket. [#22 responsible:lighthouse-username]
  3. milestone: Sets this ticket into a milestone. [#22 milestone:'My Milestone']
  4. tagged: Adds tags to the ticket. May be used multiple times. [#22 tagged:nonspacedtag tagged:'a tag with spaces']