DSS Cherrypy App Template

Openshift ready template of cherrypy web application created as part of DSS project.


  • Configured for OpenShift or standalone local deployment
  • Working static files configuration
  • Configured user session support
  • Configured mako template engine
  • Various util functions providing abstraction over current deployment



  • OpenShift gear with Python 2.6 or 2.7 cartridge
  • Installed cherrypy,mako

    ssh <your connection string to OpenShift gear>
    pip install cherrypy
    pip install mako

First Time Deploy

cd projectapplication/directory
git init
git add .
git commit . -m "Initial deploy commit"
# Replace git repo url with your own application repo
git git push ssh:// --force

Repeated Deploy

Just push your changes to application git repo in usual way.

Standalone/Development Run

This mode is intended to be used mainly for local development. For production use the application configuration needs significant changes according to cherrypy official documentation.

  • Install all required libraries
  • Run application file like python executable

    cd projectapplication/directory
    python apllication