Kevin Bullock  committed ab0b96b

only pass -E if unicorn_env is set

Before actually releasing this option, I'm pretty sure I want to have it
disabled by default. But I also want it to be easy to enable the
sensible default behavior (fall back to rails_env if present, otherwise

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File lib/vlad/unicorn_common.rb

     def self.start_unicorn(opts = '')
-      cmd = %(#{unicorn_command} -D -E "#{unicorn_env}" --config-file "#{unicorn_config}" #{opts})
+      cmd = %(#{unicorn_command} -D --config-file "#{unicorn_config}")
+      cmd << %( -E "#{unicorn_env}") if unicorn_env
+      cmd << opts
       if unicorn_use_bundler
         [unicorn_bundle_cmd, cmd].join(' ')