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docs: last updates before releasing 2.3.0

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-=== 2.3.0 / 2013-04-11
+=== 2.3.0 / 2013-04-17
 * 3 minor enhancements
   * Pass an environment to Unicorn, default to rails_env (if present) or
-    'production'. (Mathieu Lemoine)
+    'production'. (Mathieu Lemoine) (BC)
   * Create shared/log and shared/pids directories on vlad:setup_app, even for
     non-Rails apps.
   * Add an option to trivially enable using `bundle exec`.
 unicorn_env::           Environment to be given to unicorn (value for +-E+).
                         Default value is based on +vlad/rails+'s +rails_env+.
                         If +rails_env+ is not defined, +production+ is used as
-                        default value.
+                        default value. To disable passing an environment, set to
+                        +nil+.
 unicorn_use_bundler::   Whether to use <tt>bundle exec</tt> to run the 'unicorn'
                         command on the remote host. Defaults to false.
 unicorn_bundle_cmd::    How to invoke <tt>bundle exec</tt>. Defaults to