Kristian Fiskerstrand avatar Kristian Fiskerstrand committed e2d4ec6

More specific error for revocation cert

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                                 "could not be parsed by KeyMerge.canonicalize"
                           | Fixkey.Standalone_revocation_certificate ->
                                cout#write_string ("Add failed: This is a stand-alone " ^
-                                                  "revocation certificate. Revocation " ^
-                                                  "certificates should be imported to a " ^
-                                                  "public key before being published to " ^
-                                                  "a keyserver");
+                                                  "revocation certificate. A revocation " ^
+                                                  "certificates should be imported to the " ^
+                                                  "respective public key before being " ^
+                                                  "published to a keyserver");
                           | Bdb.Key_exists as e ->
                               ("Add failed: identical key already " ^
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