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sks-keyserver / CHANGELOG

  - Fix X-HKP-Results-Count so that limit=0 returns no results, but include
    the header, to let a client poll for how many results exist, without
    retrieving any. Submitted by Phil Pennock. See:
  - Add UPGRADING document to explain upgrading Berkeley DB without
    rebuilding. System bdb versions often change with new SKS releases
    for .deb and .rpm distros.
  - Cleanup build errors for bdb/bdb_stubs.c. Patch from Mike Doty
  - Update cryptokit from version 1.0 to 1.5 without requiring OASIS
    build system or other additional dependencies
  - build, fastbuild, & pbuild fixed to ignore signals USR1 and USR2
  - common.ml and reconSC.ml were using different values for minumimum
    compatible version. This has been fixed.
  - Added new server mime-types, and trying another default document (Issue 6)
    In addition to the new MIME types added in 1.1.[23], the server now
    looks over a list and and serves the first index file that it finds
    Current list: index.html, index.htm, index.xhtml, index.xhtm, index.xml.
  - options=mr now works on get as well as (v)index operations. This is
    described in http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-shaw-openpgp-hkp-00
    sections and 5.1.
  - Updated copyright notices in source files
  - Added sksclient tool, similar to old pksclient
  - Add no-cache instructions to HTTP response (in order for reverse proxies
    not to cache the output from SKS)
  - Use unique timestamps for keydb to reduce occurrances of Ptree corruption.
  - Added Interface specifications (.mli files) for modules that were missing
  - Yaron pruned some no longer needed source files from the tree.
  - Improved the HTTP status and HTTP error codes returned for various
    situations and added checks for more error conditions.
  - Add a suffix to version (+) indicating non-release or development builds
  - Add an option to specify the contact details of the server administrator
    that shows in the status page of the server. The information is in the
    form of an OpenPGP KeyID and set by server_contact: in sksconf
  - Add a `sks version` command to provide information on the setup.
  - Added configuration settings for the remaining database table files. If
    no pagesize settings are in sksconf, SKS will use 2048 bytes for key
    and 512 for ptree. The remainining files' pagesize will be set by BDB
    based on the filesystem settings, typically this is 4096 bytes.
    See sampleConfig/sksconf.typical for settings recommended by db_tuner.
  - Makefile: Added distclean target. Dropped autogenerated file from VCS.
  - Allow tuning BDB environment before creation in [fast]build and pbuild.
    If DB_CONFIG exists in basedir, copy it to DB dir before DB creation.
    Preference is given to DB_CONFIG.KDB and DB_CONFIG.PTree over DB_CONFIG.
  - Add support for Elliptic Curve Public keys (ECDSA, ECDH)
  - Add check if an upload is a revocation certificate, and if it is, 
    produce an error message tailored for this.
  - Makefile fix for 'make dep' if .depend does not exist. Issue #4
  - Makefile fix: sks and sks_add_mail fail to link w/o '-ccopt -pg'
    Issue #23
  - Added -disable_mailsync and -disable_log_diffs to sks.pod
  - Added file extensions .css, .jpeg, .htm, .es, .js, .xml, .shtml, .xhtm,
    .xhtml and associated MIME types to server code. Part of Issue #6
  - Added sample configuration files in sampleConfig directory
  - Added sample web page files in sampleWeb directory. Issues #7, 9, 19
  - Allow requests for non-official options hget, hash, status, & clean to
    be preceded by '-x'. Closes issues #10, 11, 13, & 14.
  - Allow &search with long subkey ID (16 digit) and subkey fingerprint
    subkey lookup was failing with other than a short key ID. However,
    public key lookup was working with short and long key ID and fingerprints.
    This patch makes subkey lookup behave the same as full key lookup.
    Initial patch sumbitted by Dan McGee (dpmcgee@gmail.com).
    Cleanup by Yaron Minsky
  - Patch recon script so that POST includes HTTP version number.
    Patch submitted by Daniel Kahn Gilmor

  - HTML generated by SKS has been cleaned up to pass XHTML 1.0 Strict
    without error or warnings
  - Added HTTP/1.0 after POST, '-' added to safe characters for webserver,
    Add '.html' (text/html) to list of supported file extensions for web server
  - Johan van Selst's patch implementing Phil Pennock's suggestion
      of an X-HKP-Results-Count: header to returned web server queries
  - Johan van Selst's patch to add Content-length header to web results
  - DB Statistics are kept for 30 days instead of 7
  - SIGUSR2 now triggers on-demand statistics
  - sks dump should ignore -USR1 and -USR2
  - Remove XA support which Oracle dropped in DB 4.8 (& restored in DB 5.2)
  - Work-around in bdb_stubs.c for DB_XA_CREATE dropped after DB 4.7
  - Import debian patch 508_build_fastbuild.patch for improved sks_build script
  - always display number of hashes received for better statistics in recon.log
  - Fix 'sks dump' usage: help message syntax
  - Fix documentation to explicit that hkp_address and recon_address can
    contain both IP addresses and domain names.
  - Fix documentation with ambiguity of -n when used with build and fastbuild
  - Spelling corrections
  - BUGFIX: do not leak the joined cursor in Keydb.get_by_words.

  - Fix tail recursion for reconciliation with huge differences.
  - fixed bug in handling of send_mailsyncs flag
  - BUGFIX: The last word of a user id was not properly case converted.
  - Makefile fixes
  - imported patch sksdump-recursion
  - imported patch reconsever-resilience
  - imported patch multiple-addresses
  - imported patch full-rrset
  - imported patch dbsyc-on-sigusr1
  - imported patch ignore-sigusr2
  - imported patch increase-wserver-timeout
  - imported patch spider-set-starthost
  - imported patch spider-add-buildtarget
  - [mq]: dns-refresh-patch
  - imported patch spider-target-fix
  - [mq]: pdp-smallfixes

  - Numerix has been ripped out.  OCaml's Big_int implementation is
    used instead.
  - version of Berkeley DB has been upgraded to 4.6.
  - The sks.pod file has been added to the src tarball
  - Some small changes to index view

  - subkey indexing added
  - removal of most executables.  Now single "sks" executable used for almost
  - Numerix tarball updated to include GPL notices in each file
  - SKS files updated to include GPL notices in each file
  - SKS can be configured to listen to two ports for HKP access.

1.0.3: added simple built-in webserver so that index page can be served by
       sks_db.  This should make it easier to put sks on port 80.  Also,
       sks can now be launched from any directory, as long as the -basedir
       command-line option is used to specify the location of the sks

1.0.2: Serious database corruption bug in fastbuild and build fixed.  Also,
       client.ml modified to avoid Yet Another Deadlock Bug.

(...many versions skipped...)

0.1.3: Added interoperability with PKS-style email synchronization, plus
       numerous bugfixes.

0.1.2: Omitted key fix from above upload having to do with key fetching
       post-reconciliation.   Key fetching should work now.

0.1.1: Fixed HTML response pages to work better with GPG and other automated
       systems.  Also some Makefile fixes and documentation updates.

0.1.0: Initial public release