Eunchong Yu  committed 22bf317 Draft

Fix an issue #29

Detecting an encoding of the view function's module and decode the docstring.

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File httpdomain/sphinxcontrib/autohttp/

 from docutils import nodes
 from docutils.statemachine import ViewList
+from sphinx.util import force_decode
 from sphinx.util.compat import Directive
 from sphinx.util.nodes import nested_parse_with_titles
 from sphinx.util.docstrings import prepare_docstring
+from sphinx.pycode import ModuleAnalyzer
 from sphinxcontrib import httpdomain
             view = app.view_functions[endpoint]
             docstring = view.__doc__ or ''
+            if not isinstance(docstring, unicode):
+                analyzer = ModuleAnalyzer.for_module(view.__module__)
+                docstring = force_decode(docstring, analyzer.encoding)
             if not docstring and 'include-empty-docstring' not in self.options:
             docstring = prepare_docstring(docstring)