Transaction History & Custom Costs vanishing after doing 'Import All'

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Former user created an issue

I'm having a recent issue where importing all causes several issues:

1) The loss of all the historic transactions that are older than those imported in the most recent batch. 2) Erases my custom item costs 3) Sometimes causes active orders to disappear from the Character Orders Screen

I have installed a clean copy of Evernus and a fresh database, but the issue still keeps happening, usually a couple/few times a day. I am a heavy trader so perhaps it is volume related?

I will provide you with a copy of the database after the issue has happened - although I would rather not put it as a public attachment on this issue.

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  1. Kamil Rojewski repo owner

    The new version is out. Can you test it and attach/send your main.log file if it happens?

  2. Blake Ulves


    I am having the same issues with latest Version. Can not see any imported history orders at all.

    I am also experiencing issues with not seeing any balance statistics and Wallet Journal has very limited history. Should I make a separate tracker for this?

  3. Kamil Rojewski repo owner

    Sorry for taking so long. Your journal is in fact gone from the database. This can happen automatically if it's enabled in the preferences. Can you check that?

  4. Kamil Rojewski repo owner

    Also, new version will support fetching from ESI instead of XML API and thins might help.

  5. Blake Ulves

    It wasn't enabled in the preferences. Must be something else going on. Reinstalling doesn't fix either. That and all my order history is completely gone still unfortunately.

  6. Blake Ulves

    Unfortunately having issues with Latest test version, keeps crashing when using Oauth.

    Im trying to do a clean reinstall but seem to be having same issues even though I am deleting local content. Is there anything else I should be removing?

  7. Kamil Rojewski repo owner

    It shouldn't be crashing. Two other people are also testing and it seems to work in their case. Can you attach a crash report? Evernus should create one and ask for submission on the next run.

  8. Blake Ulves


    Sorry for delayed response. it seems to be saving everything going forward. However won't bring back old transactions. I am guess that's good enough :)

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