Crash on Import All

Issue #314 resolved
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Win10 x64 Pro

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  1. AnotherNic reporter

    Sure - do I just attach it here?

    A little more info:-

    The program starts, I hit 'import all' and it either just closes, or the web window flashes up (where we can authorize the program to use our data) and it again just closes. It will do this a couple of times before it decides to run 'properly'.

    Edit, I have 2 seperate accounts, each with 3 chars - it's not intuitive to get Evernus to authorize both accounts, it seems to always open the last account I was logged into the Eve site on. I had to open the Eve Api creation page in my browser, log out and log back in with my second account, then restart Evernus to get it to 'see' my other guys.

  2. Kamil Rojewski repo owner

    You can attach it here or send via email, if you wish.

    As for the accounts - it's a limitation of Eve SSO. Evernus essentially uses a browser window, so if you log in with one account, you will be logged in just as in the browser. I can add some button to "forget" last session for internal browser, but there's no control over the external one.

  3. AnotherNic reporter

    I'd prefer to send it by mail if possible - but cant't find an adress to send it to.

    I guessed the accounts would be something like that. For a less experienced computer user the work around might not be obvious, as the program says 'Please authorize 'char-in-account-2', then opens a window showing 'char-in-account-1' :)

  4. Kamil Rojewski repo owner

    Odd - the new one also looks corrupted. Are you sure you're taking it from the db folder?

  5. Kamil Rojewski repo owner

    Does the same error happen when you try to import a single item type for all regions in the market browser?

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