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 from pypy.conftest import option as pypy_option 
 from pypy.tool.pytest import appsupport 
-from pypy.tool.pytest.confpath import pypydir, testdir, testresultdir
+from pypy.tool.pytest.confpath import pypydir, rpythondir, testdir, testresultdir
 from rpython.config.parse import parse_info
 pytest_plugins = "resultlog",
                     dest="unittest_filter",  help="Similar to -k, XXX")
 def gettimeout(timeout): 
-    from test import pystone
+    from rpython.translator.test import rpystone
     if timeout.endswith('mp'): 
         megapystone = float(timeout[:-2])
         t, stone = pystone.Proc0(10000)
             watchdog_name = ''
             watchdog_name = ''
-        watchdog_script = pypydir.join('tool', watchdog_name)
+        watchdog_script = rpythondir.join('tool', watchdog_name)
         regr_script = pypydir.join('tool', 'pytest', 
                                    'run-script', '')


 import py
 import pypy
+import rpython
 from pypy.tool import lib_pypy
 pypydir = py.path.local(pypy.__file__).dirpath()
+rpythondir = py.path.local(rpython.__file__).dirpath()
 distdir = pypydir.dirpath()
 testresultdir = distdir.join('testresult') 
 assert pypydir.check(dir=1) 
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