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BreakID 2.5

Welcome to the repository of the second version of BreakID, a new symmetry detecting and breaking preprocessor for SAT solvers. A summary of BreakID's symmetry breaking techniques can be found in the file "BreakIDGlucose2.pdf", the solver description provided to the SATRACE '15 competition. The submodule "paper" contains a more detailed description of BreakID's symmetry breaking techniques (to obtain it, run git submodule init; git submodule update --recursive --init). The folder "experiments" contains results of experiments run in February 2016. The folder "test_cnfs" contains highly symmetrical test cnfs. Particular attention goes to instances in channel and counting, which both exhibit row interchangeability due to high-level variable or value interchangeability.


A statically compiled 64 bit Unix binary is provided in the "Downloads" section.


Simply run "make" in the "src/" folder. The executable "BreakID" will be compiled into that folder. To clean the build, run "make clean" in "src/".



./BreakID -h

to get information on how to use BreakID and what its options are.

For example

./BreakID -f ../test_cnfs/pigeonhole/hole002.cnf -v 0 -t 300 -s 100

uses the same arguments as in the SATRACE '15 competition.

As far as output is concerned, all verbosity output is sent to stderr. stdout will contain a Dimacs CNF file, with as first three lines

c number of breaking clauses added: <total number of symmetry breaking clauses added to the cnf>
c max original variable: <highest variable in input cnf>
p cnf <new number of variables> <new number of clauses>

followed by a set of clauses equivalent to the original CNF theory augmented with symmetry breaking clauses.

ASP support

Starting from version 2.2, BreakID supports ASP files in the intermediate lparse/smodels or gringo/clasp format. A typical workflow for ASP solving using BreakID is:

gringo ../test_asp/simple/swaplits.asp -o smodels | ./BreakID -asp

where -v 0 -t 300 -s 100 is the configuration used in various competitions.

PB support

Starting from version 2.5, BreakID supports pseudoboolean (PB) files in the .opb format. A typical workflow for PB solving using BreakID is:

cat ../test_opb/hole-3-2.opb | ./BreakID -pb 1


1.0: see
2.0: rewrite of BreakID
2.1: streamlined command-line usage and lowered memory overhead
2.2: Added support for ASP files
2.3: Fixed bug and added extra command line options
2.4: Input instance can be passed both via input stream as well as input file
2.5: Added support for PB files (.opb)