Django CMS Contact Form Plugin

Contact form plugin for Django CMS with spam protection and i18n.

If you want to use ReCAPTCHA you have to get a Public and Private Key from You can get them for free.

The Akismet spam protection method requires an Akismet API Key which is obtainable from For private persons this is free, too.


Python Libs

If you decide to use the ReCAPTCHA spam protection method you need to install the python library recaptcha-client (package python-recaptcha in Debian).

If you use Akismet for spam protection akismet is needed. You also need to set your domain url in django admin in the section "sites".

Both libraries can be installed by pip or easy_install.

It is recommended but not required to use South. Again it can be easily installed by pip or easy_install.



From PyPI

You can simply type into a terminal pip install cmsplugin-contact or easy_install cmsplugin-contact.


You can download a zipped archive from

Unzip the file you downloaded. Then go in your terminal and cd into the unpacked folder. Then type python install in your terminal.


Put 'cmsplugin_contact' in your INSTALLED_APPS section in Don't forget to syncdb your database or migrate if you're using South.



If you don't want to enter the ReCATPCHA keys in the admin interface you can provide them through these settings.


The same as for ReCAPTCHA goes fo Akismet.


This django setting is used to set the From header of the emails. The value you can enter in django admin only sets the Reply-To header. This is because many servers reject mails that claim to be From different email addresses than registered with the server.


See examples/cmsplugin_custom_contact how to subclass cmsplugin_contact and add custom fields into it. You can override properties of the subclassed ContactPlugin and use your own templates and classes.