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Name fix, haystack support

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 syntax: glob


 from cms.apphook_pool import apphook_pool
 class NewsApphook(CMSApp):
-    name = _("Latest News")
+    name = _("News")
     urls = ["cmsplugin_news.urls"]


+import datetime
+from haystack.indexes import *
+from haystack import site
+from models import News
+class NewsIndex(SearchIndex):
+    text = CharField(document=True, use_template=True)
+    pub_date = DateTimeField(model_attr='created')
+    def index_queryset(self):
+        return News.published.all()
+site.register(News, NewsIndex)


+{{ object.title }}
+{{ object.content }}
-    version='0.4b',
+    version='0.4.1',
     description='This is a news app/plugin for the django-cms 2',
     author='Harro van der Klauw',
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