cmsplugin-tabslider / cmsplugin_tabslider /

Diff from to


         help_text=_("Width of the plugin (px)"))
     height = models.PositiveIntegerField(_('height'), null=True, blank=True,
         help_text=_("Height of the plugin (px)"))
+    tab_height_correction = models.PositiveSmallIntegerField(_("tab height correction"), default=0,
+        help_text=_("This value is substract from calculated tab height (for padding/margin)"))
     tabs = SortedManyToManyField('Tab')
     def tab_height(self):
         if self.height:
-            return self.height / self.tabs.count()
+            return self.height / self.tabs.count() - self.tab_height_correction
         return 0
 class Tab(models.Model):
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