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Main Goals

  1. Devise efficient workflows for working with feature branches and issue branches.
    1. Reproduce in hg.
    2. Be able to efficiently propagate bug fixes of a parent to all children.
      1. Mercurial queues might be good for working through the change history to generate the final merges. Ultimately, a merge should be made to the original repository (so history is not interrupted). Look at pbranch.
    3. Have an efficient strategy for fixing bugs discovered while working on a feature branch and distributing the fix.
  2. Efficient repository perusal:
    1. hg glog, hg view, hg serve don't seem to support pruning and/or clear branch separation (visually).
    2. Make hg serve display revision numbers in the graph.


  • How does it work.
    • Compare with git, Darcs, others