event_shipper reads log files and sends each line in logstash JSON format 
via encrypted UDP to redis. 


logstash is awesome and here:

this uses a CA and public/private key architecture:

and finally, here's woodchuck, which inspired this work:


To run a local example installation, start redis. Then: 

  # Produce one log entry per second in the file 'test.log'
  $ ./bin/producer 1

  # Ship the log entries to localhost
  $ ./bin/esshipper -c configs/test.yaml

  # Receive entries and store in redis
  $ ./bin/esproxy -c configs/proxy.yaml


Stable in production for Ruby 1.9.3 and later.




Packets are encrypted using a simple AES256 symmetric encryption with a 
preshared user/password tuple on the server and the client. This should be 
good to keep people from reading your logs, 

If someone with deep cryptographic knowledge wants to criticise my use of 
algorithms, please, you're welcome! Just keep in mind that I've selected the
current method to be simple to set up. 


This gem is hosted on bitbucket at

Please file any issue you might have with the program there. Contributions
are welcome - you might shoot me an email before starting, just to check if 
the direction you take is welcome in the code base. 


This piece of software is under a MIT license, which means you can do pretty 
much anything you want with it. Read the license, it's in the LICENSE file. 

(c) 2013 Kaspar Schiess, Technology Astronauts