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File qemu-toolkit/qemu-toolkit-configuration.7.html

 <pre><code># Manual drive configuration:
 drive if: 'floppy', file: 'floppy.dsk'
+<dt>keyboard_layout <var>LAYOUT</var></dt><dd><p>Configure keyboard layout of the VNC display. The default is 'en-us'.</p>
+<pre><code># Set keyboard to 'de-ch'
+keyboard_layout 'de-ch'
+<p>The available layouts are:</p>
+<pre><code>ar  de-ch  es  fo     fr-ca  hu  ja  mk     no  pt-br  sv
+da  en-gb  et  fr     fr-ch  is  lt  nl     pl  ru     th
+de  en-us  fi  fr-be  hr     it  lv  nl-be  pt  sl     tr
 <dt>net <var>TYPE</var>, <var>OPTIONS</var></dt><dd><p>Manual network configuration. This gives you full access to QEMU options,
 with the disadvantage of a slightly more complicated set of options.
 Here's what you would need to do to duplicate the convencience macro <code>nic</code>