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  <title>qemu-toolkit(7) - A toolkit for running qemu on Illumos / OmniOS</title>
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    <a href="#NAME">NAME</a>
    <a href="#SYNOPSIS">SYNOPSIS</a>
    <a href="#CONTRIBUTE">CONTRIBUTE</a>
    <a href="#SEE-ALSO">SEE ALSO</a>
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    <li class='tl'>qemu-toolkit(7)</li>
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  <h2 id="NAME">NAME</h2>
<p class="man-name">
  <code>qemu-toolkit</code> - <span class="man-whatis">A toolkit for running qemu on Illumos / OmniOS</span>


<p>qemu-toolkit is a small set of scripts to control QEMU kvm virtualised
machines on a set of illumos hosts. Have a look at 'storadm' and
'vmadm' - inline help will show you the possibilities.</p>


<p>qemu-toolkit is a Ruby gem. This means you can install it with one simple

<pre><code>gem install qemu-toolkit

<p>For full installation instructions, please see <a class="man-ref" href="qemu-toolkit-install.7.html">qemu-toolkit-install<span class="s">(7)</span></a>.</p>


<p>This project is hosted on
<a href="https://bitbucket.org/kschiess/qemu-toolkit">bitbucket</a>. An issue tracker
is available at
<a href="https://bitbucket.org/kschiess/qemu-toolkit/issues">bitbucket</a>.</p>

<p>We value all contributions, provided they</p>

<li>are tested and have a clear rationale</li>
<li>are generally useful</li>
<li>come as a clean changeset (pull request or email patch)</li>

<p>Discussion regarding this project via 'qemutoolkit' mailing list. Subscribe by
sending any kind of message to this
<a href="mailto:qemutoolkit@librelist.com">address</a>.</p>

<h2 id="SEE-ALSO">SEE ALSO</h2>

<p><a class="man-ref" href="qemu-toolkit-overview.7.html">qemu-toolkit-overview<span class="s">(7)</span></a>, <a class="man-ref" href="qemu-toolkit-install.7.html">qemu-toolkit-install<span class="s">(7)</span></a>,
<a class="man-ref" href="qemu-toolkit-configuration.7.html">qemu-toolkit-configuration<span class="s">(7)</span></a>, <a class="man-ref" href="storadm.1.html">storadm<span class="s">(1)</span></a>, <a class="man-ref" href="vmadm.1.html">vmadm<span class="s">(1)</span></a>, <a class="man-ref" href="README.7.html">README<span class="s">(7)</span></a></p>

<h2 id="AUTHORS">AUTHORS</h2>

<p>Copyright (c) 2012 Kaspar Schiess.</p>


<p>This tool is under a MIT license. Please see the LICENSE file in the original

  <ol class='man-decor man-foot man foot'>
    <li class='tl'></li>
    <li class='tc'>November 2012</li>
    <li class='tr'>qemu-toolkit(7)</li>