Kaspar Schiess avatar Kaspar Schiess committed 354a9fa Merge

UNSUBSCRIBE: adding a trivial unsubscribe function to sub socket

(with "Paul Laidler <plaidler@gmail.com>")

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 static VALUE
+sub_sock_unsubscribe(VALUE socket, VALUE channel)
+  int sock = sock_get(socket);
+  int err;
+  err = nn_setsockopt(
+    StringValuePtr(channel),
+    RSTRING_LEN(channel)
+  );
+  if (err < 0)
+  return socket;
+static VALUE
 srvy_set_deadline(VALUE self, VALUE deadline)
   int sock = sock_get(self);
   rb_define_method(cPubSocket, "initialize", pub_sock_init, -1);
   rb_define_method(cSubSocket, "initialize", sub_sock_init, -1);
   rb_define_method(cSubSocket, "subscribe", sub_sock_subscribe, 1);
+  rb_define_method(cSubSocket, "unsubscribe", sub_sock_unsubscribe, 1);
   rb_define_method(cSurveySocket, "initialize", srvy_sock_init, -1);
   rb_define_method(cSurveySocket, "deadline=", srvy_set_deadline, 1);
 Gem::Specification.new do |s|
   s.name = 'nanomsg'
-  s.version = '0.3.2'
+  s.version = '0.3.3'
   s.authors = ['Kaspar Schiess']
   s.email = 'kaspar.schiess@absurd.li'
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