uninitialized constant QemuToolkit::Vmadm::FileUtils

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root@gazoo ~ # gem install qemu-toolkit Fetching: qemu-toolkit-0.3.1.gem (100%) Successfully installed qemu-toolkit-0.3.1 1 gem installed Installing ri documentation for qemu-toolkit-0.3.1... Installing RDoc documentation for qemu-toolkit-0.3.1... root@gazoo ~ # vmadm create myvm3

uninitialized constant QemuToolkit::Vmadm::FileUtils

Further info:

root@gazoo ~ # ruby -v ruby 1.9.3p194 (2012-04-20) [i386-solaris2.11]

Ruby was installed from Theo's OmniOS package - INDEX ACTION VALUE PACKAGE pkg.descr set Ruby 1.9 (1.9.3-p194) pkg:/omniti/runtime/ruby-19@ pkg.summary set Ruby 1.9 pkg:/omniti/runtime/ruby-19@

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  1. Kaspar Schiess repo owner

    Thanks for the report.

    I've just reconstructed an empty system with omniti/runtime/ruby-19 on it and cannot reproduce this - my commands always work.

    Can try uninstalling the gem totally and reinstalling it? The sequence

    # gem uninstall qemu-toolkit -> answer yes at the prompt # gem install qemu-toolkit

    would achieve that. I guess you have old binaries laying around.

  2. Denis Cheong

    Thanks, all fixed ... the issue was that 0.3.0 was still in the path, not 0.3.1. Uninstalling both showed that 0.3.0 was still installed, installing 0.3.1 showed that my path still pointed to 0.3.0.

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